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Indian Summer

Last winter, I had the great opportunity to visit India. While there, I shot a “travel video” at one of my favorite spots, Kudle beach. It's a great place to visit when winter rolls around. It's hosted by my friend Erica Derrickson. Enjoy.



Oh and here's another Vlog we did while on the trip, while risking life and death in Auroville! Not recommended for the faint of heart.


New Feature "Unidentified" is Announced

For the better part of the last decade, I have been in collaboration with fellow filmmaker Mikel J. Wisler. We've always been making short films in New England. We've done many and garnered awards for them. It was a means of understanding the medium, making mistakes, learning from those mistakes, and then honing the art and craft of filmmaking at the hands on level before then asking an audience to spend 90 or 100 minutes with us.

After a decade of growth, Director, Mikel Wisler is ready to take the big step and make his first feature and I have the great honor of serving as the Director of Photography / Cinematographer on the film, Unidentified. I've read many scripts and 90% of them are not quite ready for production but they go into production anyways. They result in "mixed results." Even so early in development, Unidentified takes into account many of the pitfalls that first time feature film directors fall into. It's fundamental to know your team, understanding your audience, genre, and budget restrictions. The most intriguing thing to me is that it brings a unique vision to horror scifi genre and tells a great story.

Check out the official website:

For casting updates and development:



A Killer Serve to show at the Warner Bros. Screening Room in New York


A Killer Serve will be having the second showing in New York at the Warner Bros. Screening room on March 11th, 2015. I had the honor of serving as the Director of Photography on this film besides Director, Andrew Pilkington. Andrew has garnered attention from the Boston Globe, Rhode Island Monthly, and Senator Jack Reed for his inspiring story to becoming a filmmaker. Despite the obstacle of a disability that has made it difficult for him to speak and with limited control of his arm and legs, Andrew has succeeded. Typing and editing with his feet and nose, he has done what many aspiring filmmakers never achieve. He directed his third feature, which in my humble opinion is a heartfelt, charming crime drama.

For press information check out the official website:


Worm Free Society Continues Festival Success

Worm Free Society, a scifi short film that was written, produced, and directed by Rajah Samaroo in 2011 has been recently nominated for 8 Awards at the STbR Film Festival 2015: Best Screenplay, Best Performance by Cast, Best Picture, Best Editing, Best Production Design, Best Music, Best Wardobe, and Best Makeup.

The film received some other recognition locally and nationally for the last 2 years:

*2014 Rhode Island International Film Festival, 1st PLACE BEST SCIFI FILM*
*2014 Maverick Movie Awards, winner for PRECIOUS AWARD*
*2014 Sanford International Film Festival, nominated for BEST SHORT*
*2015 Stories by the River Film Fest, winner for BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN*
*2015 Stories by the River Film Fest, winner for BEST MAKEUP*
*2015 Boston Scifi Film Festival*


Spin the Plate now in Post-Production

I had a fruitful collaboration with long time Actor and first time Director, Eric Eastman, Spin the Plate. With the group from Pack of Dog Productions, LLC we began the epic journey of bringing the heroic story of “Spin the Plate” to life. The film follows a woman's emotional, spiritual, legal, and ultimately romantic journey as she battles to heal the wounds of child sexual abuse. It's an independent film in the truest sense of the word based on the Award-winning novel of the same name by Donna Anastasia.

This was the first time since “The Joneses” movie in 2013, did I get the chance to visit a tale with such complexity and nuance in characters. The cinematography had to reflect the world the character and not intrude on the story. It was a challenge to maintain the continuity of style on a feature that was shot with a rotating volunteer crew over the course of 4 months. Here a few behind the scenes of us making the film.


It stars Becki Dennis (American Hustle, Ted 2), Dan Merriman, and Carolyn Fournier. It's due to premiere in Summer of 2015. For more information on the project see the website at


Parallel to Premiere on May 16th

The first teaser for the short film, Parallel, where I served as Director of Photography is now online. I had a chance to work with long time collaborator and talented multi-award-winning filmmaker, Mikel J. Wisler alongside the Stories by the River Team. We had previously collaborated on a film that I directed, Worm Free Society and several other shorts in various capacity.

Parallel stars a local New England cast including Paul Kandarian, Juan C. Rodríguez, Kate Rodriguez, and Erica Derrickson (The Heat with Sandra Bullock, Melt).


Pictures from India and Nepal

While traveling overseas towards the end of 2014 in South India and Kathmandu, I had a opportunity to take some majestic imagery of this land.

For the entire collection follow check out the full album.


"Dystopia" Premiere

On Feb 1st 2014, Rajah teamed up with Maine-based, Neo Phoenix Studios, for a dystopic night of local film screening. We showed a test screener of Worm Free Society after which, Dystopia, was premiered! The night did live up to the name "a night in dystopia" where both films depicted a grim version of the future. Dystopia shot by Rajah Samaroo and directed by Janet Llavina.


Post Production complete on the scifi short film "Worm Free Society"

We are happy to announce that the short film that started production in 2011 is finally completed. We'd like to thank the many contributers to the final film including the visual effects by The Creac Society and the music was done by Neo Phoenix Studios. 

"The music composition took the atmosphere of Worm Free Society to a exciting new level. It even shaped the ambiguous ending of the film. The music was the critical finishing touch to Worm Free Society. For his efforts in music, Andrew Bard, later went on to received a nomination of Best Original Score by the Stories by the River Film Festival.


That's a wrap on "Renaissance City"

Director of Photography, Rajah Samaroo, had successful shoot with Director, Jordan Laziek, on the set of "Renaissance City". This project inspired by a "broken city" gave the Director and DP an opportunity to capture some iconic locations in Central Falls in a gritty style remeniscent of Breaking Bad. We had an opportunity to work with the Sony F5 camera shooting with SLOG picture profile which gave the footage an cinematomatic look without the need for large media format of RAW.

Behind the scene photography by: Orin Siliya