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#1. Commercial Cinematography Reel

A sample of my commercial cinematography work.
Cameras: Sony A7s, Sony FS100.

#2. Interview Reel

A montage of various interviews that I've set up and shot documentaries, lifestyle or marketing videos.
Cameras: Sony A7s, FS100


#3. United Home Expert. Agency: Votary Media

Web spot for UHE.
Cameras: Sony A7s, BlackMagic Pocket, Ronin Stabilizer, Drone.
Crew size: 4

#4. Agogo Bike (also co-directed)

Co-directed, shot and edited this web commercial that was directed by the client.
Camera: Sony A7s w/ Ronin-M stabilizer.
Crew size: 1


#5. Kudle Beach (also directed)

Travel video that was shot, directed and editing by me.
Crew size: 1

#6. DJ Osheen

Product and lifestyle video for a DJ turntable.
Camera used: Sony FS100, Sony EX1.
Crew: 2


#7. Narrative Cinematography Reel

A montage of shots from the independent films where I served as the DP and camera operator. Cameras used: Sony A7s and Red Epic/Scarlet